Safety Features

Touch Screen Display

Touch Screen Display in archway graphically displays instructions to customers. 

Stainless Steel Archway

Stainless Steel Archway at infeed provides a visual and physical guide to inhibit carts with overhanging loads.

Locking Safety Gates

Bi-panel locking safety gates restrict unauthorized access to Cartveyor.

Caster Guides

Durable low friction plastic shapes help customer align cart and guides cart into conveyor.

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors are positioned at both infeed and discharge levels to detect people or material other than shopping carts and turns unit off. (Not Shown)

Operation Features

Control Package

Provides “smart” operation that can be adjusted to provide custom operation for each store. PLC (programmable logic controller) based controls provide the ability to adjust time settings at each store for sleep-mode reaction time and jam-reset parameters. In addition, the program automatically archives shopping cart throughput, number of hours running, and fault occurrences providing store management with performance criteria.

Touch Screen Display

Provides store personnel secured easy access to fault diagnostics. If a fault occurs, display alerts store personnel to problem, lists appropriate steps to remedy fault, and instructs reset of operation

Floor Guides

Ensure carts are properly positioned.

Safe and efficient way to transport shopping carts from one floor level to another

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